Tesla: The Road to the Sustainable Future

One of the gravest systemic problems we have is the cycle of pollution brought about by mass transport. Indeed, we need efficient means of getting people around, and buses, subway systems, and other forms of public transit help facilitate that. However, in the wake of increasing individualization and independence of western citizens, and in the name of convenience, a lot of us obviously buy cars and there’s no way around it.

Nearly 97 percent of transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions come through the direct combustion of fossil fuels. And yes, much of this is for mass public transport such as trains. However, much of this is by people who don’t carpool, or drive 5-seater cars just to get to work. When you live in a suburb, it’s hard to avoid. When you like drifting around in your comfy Cadillac, it’s hard to convince yourself to instead use paltry public bus. In a nutshell, it’s hard to get people off the use of cars.

So, as opposed to somehow eliminating the use of cars (which is obviously a very ambitious and unrealistic goal for now), Tesla motors has ingeniously catalyzed a drastic change in the automotive industry by finally bringing sustainable transport to the roads.

A Tesla vehicle is 100% battery-powered — it doesn’t use gas at all. Moreover, its battery travels the same distance as a typical car’s full gas tank, and can be recharged from renewable sources like the sun and wind at supercharger stations. It is also a top-notch luxury vehicle that almost every car-lover would enjoy. It’s a win-win.

As opposed to pushing CO2 in the sky from the use of inefficient gas engines, and needlessly burning fossil fuels, Tesla has finally paved the way for sustainable transport.

To get a sense of just how great it is, think about this: even if you used fossil fuels (the worst source of nonrenewable energy) to charge your Tesla, it still produces 40% less emissions than a gas tank car would. Now imagine solar or wind charging it — that would make it a completely zero-emissions vehicle!

The Ontario government has even promised to pay for all electric vehicle charging overnight, so you don’t pay a penny for getting your vehicle around. This comes to show how much of a push there is (at a systemic level) for true sustainable transport.

I think this stands as a model for us all to understand which direction the auto industry, and hopefully other industries, can eventually take. As we become conscientious of the sustainability issues plaguing our world today, our minds are sparked with the innovative ideas needed to tackle them. Tesla has done just that. With sustainability at the forefront of their minds, they opened the automotive industry to true change.

With Tesla’s growing success, other car companies will have no choice but to compete with this new market Tesla has created. This isn’t just stirring the economy; it’s changing the world for the better by reducing emissions and sparking further change on the grounds of sustainability.

I’m not saying go buy a Tesla, but I am saying Tesla motors has established a model for sustainability we should all seek inspiration from!

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